We have a new album called ‘Outside Everything’ that is recorded mixed mastered and ready to go. Before we release it this fall we have a the rest of the IO album to drop. That’ll take a few months because we release roughly one single per month then the rest of the album in one big chunk.

Coming Fall 2023 – Outside Everything

If you listen to EGM you know we’re all over the place in terms of genre, which we think is best anyway, why limit music to a single style. The problem is it’s a bit harder to discuss music without some genre references.

Outside everything consists of 9 tracks:

  • Fuse
  • Outside Everything
  • I Am the Sea
  • F451
  • Biohazard
  • Magic Box
  • Mhite Magic
  • Funky Spider
  • Vampires!

I Am the Sea

Here’s a quick preview


I am the one

that brought you the sun

I am the one

You are the one who left me undone

I am the sea

I am the sea

You are the sand under my feet

I am the one

I am the one

I am sun

I am

We’ll add some more track previews as we go along. Look for outside Everything in Fall 2023 👻❤️